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Reviews for Allasso Chiropractic Inc.

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GlenI was suffering with severe hip and low back pain for 10 years, with difficulty even walking. I had seen doctors at all the top hospitals in Boston and all wanted to perform surgery. It’s been one year since beginning chiropractic care and my hip and back pain are gone, I no longer need surgery, and the craziest thing is that I’d been suffering from sinus issues for years and those are now gone! –Glen
JodieI had been suffering with asthma since I was 10 years old and had been on several inhalers most of my life. In the last 10 years I had been taking a steroid inhaler and an emergency inhaler multiple times a day. After only 5 weeks since beginning care, I stopped using both inhalers and have been inhaler free for months now, including when I workout, a time when my lungs are tested the most. I will forever be indebted! – Jodie

KathyWhat was a last ditch, skeptical effort to feel better, has turning into a complete transformation in the state of my health. I no longer suffer from vertigo, my shoulder pain has completely been resolved, and my digestive issues have significantly improved. I haven’t had a migraine since beginning care and I now have better posture and overall well-being! Dr. Mirandola is the first doctor to actually take action to correct my health issues, provide concrete solutions, and open doors to a healthier more fulfilling life. Thank you for your dedication to your patients and your genuine commitment to healing and changing lives! – Kathy

KimonI have suffered from seasonal and nut allergies for about 5 years. They were getting worse until my family and I started care with Dr. Rob. Today, my seasonal allergies are much better and my nut allergies are nearly gone! Being regularly under chiropractic care has really made me more knowledgeable about my health and Dr. Rob has truly impacted my family and me, helping us live healthier and happier lives! –Kimon
LeonoraFor 20 years I have seen other chiropractors for lower back, groin, and neck pain but none ever found the root cause of my problems. Dr. Rob spent the time to find where my pain was coming from and actually heal the imbalances that caused it. Today, my back and neck are significantly improved, the groin pain is gone completely, and my heart rhythm, which had a tendency to beat erratically, is now controlled – a bonus! Overall my well-being is much better as a results of being here! – Leonora

NatalyaAfter only a short period of time, I immediately realized that Dr. Rob has done more for me than any other doctor has in the past. After just a few adjustments I found my energy level increase, my mood has been more positive and balanced, and my state of mind has improved immensely!

Not only did I start to feel better, but my “female pain” began to greatly improve! I no longer get sick monthly and the pain has eased 85-90%. He has not only been a doctor, but an educator and a coach in helping you set your health goals and making certain that you achieve them. Thank you Dr. Rob for all that you do! – Natalya

MarthaDr. Rob is completely dedicated to restoring the body’s capacity to heal itself. My neck and back pain are gone, I sleep at night, and my balance and dance moves have improved. But what’s even more exciting is that my vision has improved to where I no longer need reading glasses! I’m doing amazingly well now! – Martha
RickI had constant neck, hip and back pain for most of my life that drained me emotionally and physically. I thought that was “just life” and how I would be forever.

After working with Dr. Rob, I now have a new life and one that is nearly pain free and happy! Dr. Rob has done more for me over the last few years than anyone else has my entire life. My old youthful self is back and ready to play again. Thank you! –Rick

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