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Our Analysis

Dr. Robert Mirandola Our AnalysisOne of the first things you will discover about Allasso Chiropractic Inc. is our specific methods of analysis to determine the exact CAUSE of your health concern. We use a variety of nervous system scans and spinal x-rays to accurately identify where subluxations (nerve interferences) are occurring and how deeply they are affecting your health.

Full Spine X-Ray

If the new patient exam calls for it, you will be directed to our Spinal Imaging Center for a set of full spinal x-rays in order to see the physical results of stress on your spine.

Our analysis

Neural Scans With Insight Scanning Technology

We utilize cutting edge technology to objectively evaluate abnormal function of the nervous system that cannot be seen on x-ray or felt as pain until the damage is severe. These scans painlessly and non-invasively look at patterns of spinal and nerve function to detect if there is any subluxation on your nervous system and how it is affecting your organs, glands, muscles and energy level.

The scans guide our initial treatment recommendations, and by taking regular exams throughout care, the readings allow us to monitor and measure the improvements that occur through chiropractic adjustments.

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