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About Us

In practice since February 2010, Dr. Robert Mirandola is here to support the wellness of Newton area families and young professionals. Originally from Chicago, Dr. Rob enjoys the drive, movement and innovation of our community.

We’re here to share a unique form of healing that can take you to higher levels of wellness than you ever thought possible. Reach your greatest health with natural, specific chiropractic care!

Our Purpose

To free our members from health limitations by restoring the communication between brain and body so that their God-given potential can be realized!



Our Values

  1. Health. True health can only be attained naturally. You live your life through your nervous system; therefore, we must focus on this vital system and live a congruent lifestyle to experience our greatest health and life.
  2. Integrity. Nothing is more important than integrity. What we say is what we do. We’re on a health journey with you, and we actively live our own advice so that we all grow in health together.
  3. Certainty. The health and lifestyle principles held in our office are physiological truths. You can be certain that our recommendations and advice will always create greater health for you, all the way down to a cellular level. We don’t treat symptoms but create a state of wellness.
  4. Clarity. Health is the easiest concept to understand and achieve IF you ask the right questions. It’s confusing and overwhelming when the wrong questions are asked.
  5. Commitment. If you’re reading this, it means that we are committed to the health of you and your family. The best way you can reciprocate is to actively commit to your care, attend workshops and ask us questions. Your health is your responsibility, but we are honored to travel beside you on your road to optimal health.
  6. Personal Growth. We are committed to helping you achieve many “a-ha!” moments in our journey together. You cannot leave a place you’ve never been. So decide early that you deserve more, and choose to be open to change.
  7. Fun. Pursuing your highest level of health is fun! We love seeing breakthroughs in ourselves and our practice members every day. Take a breath, put a smile on your face and let’s enjoy our time together.

Our Ideal Practice Member

Ideal Practice Member Chart

Over the years, we have found that the practice members who have achieved the greatest results at Allasso Chiropractic and who have met and surpassed their health goals are the practice members who have exhibited the above characteristics.

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