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Extraordinary Health

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Newton Chiropractor Restores Greater Health

Discover Extraordinary Health at Allasso Chiropractic Inc.

Whether you’ve been plagued by persistent pain or just want to feel better and have more energy to participate in your favorite activities, we’d like to help. At Allasso Chiropractic Inc., we are passionate about helping you and your family live a more vibrant life that comes with a properly functioning nervous system. Taking a different approach than other health practitioners, Newton  Chiropractor Dr. Robert Mirandola is successful at getting our practice members results.

We aim to find the root of your problem, rather than just addressing symptoms. Then, we work to correct the cause so that you can function at a higher level than you ever thought possible.


Get Ready to Live Your Best Life

If you’ve settled for feeling so-so or have believed that health is only attainable with drugs or surgery, we want you to know that you can feel great, naturally, with chiropractic care. We believe that it’s not enough to simply have an absence of sickness. That’s why our entire team is dedicated to educating you on how to stay well. You shouldn’t just hope to be free from disease. Instead, prepare to discover your greatest life.

Experience Customized Care

Dr. Rob specializes in the Gonstead Technique, which is one of the most highly researched, precise and effective ways to locate and correct spinal misalignments. We’ll take our time to understand your needs and how stress affects your life, creating a care plan tailored to your lifestyle and goals. You’ll be empowered and supported along the path to health, discovering the remarkable things your incredible body is capable of achieving!

We offer early and late appointment times that fit into your busy schedule. Families, children, pregnant women and young professionals alike have seen numerous benefits from our care. Contact us today to get started!

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